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Hi all,I was refering to an old discission thread here,https://supportforums.cisco.com/message/835480#835480I am wondering which switch is better to get 48 10 gig intefaces, (24 ports first and an expansion option for another 24)4500 with sup 7-E or ...

I am testing a record software for  Cisco IP Phones. This software  must receive voice traffic from  mirrorred ports on a 3560 switch. I´ve  configured the span ports in  this switch, but the only traffic I can see  is broadcast and multicast.  I did...

cfujimura by Level 1
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Hi all, I'm getting ready to upgrade from 100mb to GB on our administrative LAN due to bandwidth requirements of new software package.  I have 35 workstations & 2 servers.  How concerned do I need to be with regards to bottlenecking the LAN if I have...

chris by Level 1
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I need to connect multiple site with point-to-point connections over 2 or 4 wires with shdsl tecnology.My goal is the transport of L2 frames and (2 or more Vlans) through this shdsl/atm connection.Could you tell me if I can use L2TPv3 or alternative ...

Hi,I have one VSS with two 6500, to these VSS I have  a lot of 2975 connected using MEC, in the 2975 are voip with autos qos configured.In the VSS  I configured the Qos in trust mode in the MEC interfaces to the 2975.What is the recomended configurat...

mcusine by Level 1
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having problems with packet tracer 5.2 i made a whole network and it worked perfectly including using wireless AP's however i saved it and left it came back later and packet tracer file is corrupt, so i had to start again and now the wireless aps don...

I can't seem to find documentation that states how much buffer cache is alloced per port on a WS-C3750G-24TS switch.  Is memory allocated on a per port basis or is it in groups of 4 or 8?  I'm hoping they support atleast 500kb per port.  Thanks for a...

We have an ASA with a VPN Tunnel to our campus network from on eof our clinics.The ASA/VPN is also used as a DHCP server. 2 pc's hang off the ASA and get there IP's from the ASA.We are adding devices to the clinic so we want to add a 3750 to the clin...

I am trying to get details regarding the following error on a Cisco 3750. The host is not able to join and receive the mcst.Dec 14 20:55:08.423: IGMPSN: Can not Locate gce 0100.5e08.0b51, on Vlan 205Dec 14 20:55:08.524: IGMPSN: MCAST IP address 225.8...

joet8591 by Level 1
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Resolved! 3560G DHCP issue

I have a 3560G set up to be the DHCP server for a remote office setup (currently being lab tested).  Last week, the setup worked fine, but when I set my laptop up in the lab today, the 3560 won't dish out addresses on that VLAN.  There are two VLANs ...

jlmickens by Level 1
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