TelePresence and Video Infrastructure

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Hi,I have one cisco SX 20 device and telepresence isdn link device. below said steps through i configured and paired the SX and telepresence deviceStep: 1configured static Ip add  through remote control.Step: 2 using static ip , I  login to SX 20 dev...

                    Hello,Our network is replacing all polycom codecs with Cisco C series. I noticed I have a problem connecting when dialing from a C40,Cc60 to a polycom VSX 8000,VSX 7000e some of the older polycoms. I have polycoms registered to VC...

Howdy I have a very basic setup, a home router and behind it SX10. I am unable to access the web interface of the unit remotely. Is there a port i need to enable or something? When the unit was connected directly to modem, with public IP, I was able ...