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Joining CAP2602E to WLC 5508

I have inherited a couple of CAP2602E APs to my network. Problem is they have been configured to a different WLC. How do I reset their password (If necessary) so that I can join them to my new WLC. The IOS on the AP is 12.4(25e)JA1. My WLC software v...

Convert CT5508 from HA to Primary

Customer purchased a HA pair of 5508 controllers.Is there a way via a purchase and conversion process to change the secondary 5508 to be full 5508 so that they can both be active and be part of a larger N+1 WLC environment? Also can a HA pair be part...

1602E Dot11Radio interfaces Admin down

Hi,I have a cisco 1602E connected to my 3850 WLC.  The 1602E LWAP has joined the WLC and i can control the LWAP via the 3850 wireless gui.However, I cannot see the SSID being transmitted - all settings to transmit the SSID are good.The issue lies (I ...

WIFI Implementation

Hi All, How to do factory reset Cisco 3700 series controller based access point ? AP model : AIR-CAP3720I-D-K9 (Cisco Aironet 3700 Series 802.11 ac Dual Band Access Point )  Regards,Nidhin Chandran


I intentionally broke my AP to see if i can recover it, but i'm having some issues, how do I upload the IOS from the boot rommon? ap: ?           ? -- Present list of available commands         arp -- Show arp table or arp-resolve an address         ...

WLC and AP on seperate vlans

Hello all,I would like to add some new AIR-CAP2602E-E-K9 on a WLC 2504 version The subnet that was assigned for the management of WLC and AP is full, and the subnet mask cannot be changed since it will influence other subnets as well. It w...

802.1X authentication issue.

In my client network suddenly few users are not able to connect to Cooperate SSID or suddenly the connection will lost. I have pulled the debug output from the controller. I suspect its authentication issue but not sure and dont know how to fix it.. ...

S. ANIL by Beginner
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Resolved! Integrated WLC feature in 3850 platform

hello everyone, I am not sure if anyone has worked much with the 3850s.  Lets say I'm putting x amount of 3850 switches in a building - Is it possible to not purchase a 5500 series WLC and instead just use the 3850s as the WLC for the LAPs that we wi...

afsharki2 by Beginner
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Cisco AIR-AP1131-AG-A-K9

The AP has lost it's firmware . Have file c1130-k9w7-tar.123-8.JEA3.tar. I am trying to get this file into the file system of the AP.  The problem is it does not seem to have the commands that I need. these are the commands that I have access to:ap: ...

Jim Via by Beginner
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