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Hello all, Recent past I had purchased one CISCO( AIR-CAP3702I-D-K9 ) AP. yes I understand that default it is a controller based AP.  I wanted to convert it into Autonomous AP. can anybody help me ? 1. What is the software(IOS) version is need for pa...

Does this mean all my current 602I's turn into paper weights in 2020? There is no direct replacement listed in the EOL notice. Has anyone heard if there is something similar coming out that has RLAN capabilities and allows connections to an anchor co...

bret by Level 3
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Dear sir, Good day !!  We bought the 15 Cisco "AIR-CAP702W-A-K9 " ap device. we have no controller. we want to setup indivisualy to our lan network. Please can you help me for setup the device step by step process.

ddpkctg01 by Level 1
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Just a quick question that I can't seem to find an answer to--- are caps/plugs required to cover any unused antenna ports on an outdoor 1532e AP? My installer says there should be but says there aren't any that fit in the box of equipment I gave him....

Hi all , I am setting up a Guest anchor at my office. Now guest wireless internet traffic will be  sent out to the internet locally , than using my offshore anchor which was being used till now . Just to give you guys an idea about the topology :: ...

Hello All Please help me for th elove of god im freaking out! sorry if its not the correct forum to ask this but Im trying to get ready for CUWSS. there is no study guide available! its only a quick refrence book! nothing else. I need a study guide. ...

Hello all, I looked through the documentation for Cisco Prime but was unable to get an answer on this. In Cisco Prime is it possible to setup user groups that would only allow the users to shut/no shut ports or change vlan for a port and nothing else...

Hi Experts, One of our AP 1242AG autonomous model giving the error continiously "MDIO_wait: PHY error. port 0" . Hence we have done the reset , formatted the flash , downgraded the image to c1240-k9w7-tar.124-10b.JDA3.tar . But still we are getting...

Hi, I want to achevie only particular ssid(test2 ) will broadcast only through group1 ( two ap's are added in the group) . But what happened is test2 is broadcasting through all AP's regardless of the group ssid : test1default group (100 ap is in the...

Hello, We have a Cisco 2504 Wireless router connected to a syslog server. To respect the law, we have to log the MAC address, the visited sites and the time of the connection to the site. Which parameters do I need in Syslog Level and in Syslog Facil...

p.judith1 by Level 1
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