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Resolved! N+1 redundancy with 2504-HA

Hello,I have question regarding N+1 redundancy with 2504-HA WLC.Can I use 2504-HA unit for H+1 redundancy? SSO is not neededI have two wireless network:1.      With WLC 5508 with about 40 AP(1262), all them are A regulatory domain2.      With WLC 250...

ngtransge by Beginner
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Resolved! WLC upgrade

I started planning to upgrade the code on my controllers with a certain code that I felt would be right for my company, but after talking to my Cisco rep we decide to move a newer version.My question isI loaded the code I thought I was going to onto ...

Resolved! Aironet 2602 - Operation when WLC fails?

Hi,we are using a WLC2504 with several Aironet 2602 Access Points.So far it is working fine but when I turn off the WLC all SSIDs disappear after some seconds as they couldn't find the controller anymore.Is it somehow possible to configure the Access...

Some questions about APs and controllers

  Hi guys, I have some questions :All access points support 802.1q ?Is there a big difference between the powers of all the APs ?What is the bandwidth used on a virtual controller ? Is there some risks to kill the bandwidth of my virtual server ? (3 ...

mchasset by Beginner
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Resolved! WLC 2504 Migration Path

Hi,I have a WLC 2504 and I need to upgrade it from  to software version. I sow at the release download page an advertisement that says "Migration path is from 7.1 to 7.2 Release" so I would like to know if I need to upgra...

Cisco WLC 5508 Mac Filtering

Hi Group, how are you?.I know as Mac filtering feature works, but I need the opposite. I need to filter some mac-address to a particular SSID and permit all the other mac-address.Please, has anyone any ideas?.Thanks.Andrés.

Resolved! Dynamic vlan assignment does not work

Hello,I have been trying to configure dynamic vlan assignment for the employee wlan. Trying to put the employee on vlan 20Here are the components usedWLC: 2100 Software version: 3502I    IOS version: 12.4  Mini IOS version: 7.0Radius ser...

Multiple SSID in Aironet 1140

Hi,I am using a Aironet 1100 series access point (AIR-AP1142N-N-K9) with IOS version c1140-k9w7-tar.124-21a.JA1. I want to create two seperate SSID's on the access point with WEP encryption. There is no VLAN configured and i want it to be like it. Al...

Resolved! Downgradeing to 7.4 from 7.5

                   Hello, 5508 WLCs, I put 7.5 on tem ad went o 2.0 on prime, so now I wish to downgrade o 7.4 code. I tftp'd the files to the wlc, did the save and reboot but they are coming back at ver 7.5  is there something I need to do for this ...

Resolved! Site Survey with an LWAP?

I need to survey a new building for wireless.  Actually it's an old nursing home.In the old days I would setup an IOS AP as a DHCP server on a telescoping pole mounted to a cart.Can I convert an AIR-LAP to IOS and do something similar?How do you all ...

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