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Resolved! Wireless coverage

Hello,First of all, sorry for my English.So I know wireless like most of people but I never deployed it in office. In fact I already did it but it a was very basic setup with some APs placed whre people needed access but that's it. Now we need to cov...

Vinny by Beginner
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DHCP Issue 5508 WLC

I am getting those debugs from a client at the site, *apfReceiveTask: Dec 12 15:29:00.732: 00:19:70:7a:98:9a DHCP_REQD (7) DHCP Policy timeout. Number of DHCP request 0 from client*apfReceiveTask: Dec 12 15:29:00.732: 00:19:70:7a:98:9a 0.0.0....

Large Subnet for single SSID

I am looking for a design guide to help me split up a large subnet for a Cisco Wireless network.  We have a Campus with a centralised Wsim and a single SSID.  We are hoping to be able to keep the single SSID but split the subnet as it is now quite la...

SNMP to disable WLAN?

Does anyone know the MIB or OID that I can use to disable a WLAN on a WLC? I already tried CISCO-LWAPP-WLAN but it doesn't have anything that I can use to shut it down.Thanks!!

Brian M by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco Prime NCS Alarms

I'm having trouble view Alarms in Prime NCS.I get the Alarms panel, but no alarms under the 'Alarms' heading.Google Chrome Version 31.0.1650.57 m and Firefox 25.0.1 are doing the same thing. IE 10.0.9200 shows the alarms, but not the maps. These are ...

Resolved! guest anchor local dhcp is not working

                   The client can assiciate with internal wlc. Internal wlc has tunnel up with guest controller, but the client can not get the ip from guest controller which has local scope dhcp configuredany idea?ThanksRay

Flexconnect static mapping of WLAN to VLAN

5508 running 7.4I want to create a definition for a particular site that maps WLANs (SSIDs) to switched VLANs.   I know that I can go to Wireless => Select AP => VLAN mappings on an individual AP basis.  But is there a way to create a group that will...

jedavis by Enthusiast
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Resolved! MSE turning off password audits for root

Seting up  7.4.100 VM MSE via ./setup.sh and can not figure out how to turn off enforcement of strong passwords, like length and characeter class requirements for userid 'root'. Tried changing the audit parms and the minimun length is disabled, but n...

Resolved! Very Low RF Signals- WLC-5508.

Dear Friends,I have 3 access points placed close to each other expecting appreciable data rates & excellent signals. Unfortunately the signals are very poor.1. Is this due to channel overlapping ? how do I find it?2.How to choose non-overlapping chan...

cisco air-lap1252ag-e-k9 ( rommon mode)

Hello Everyone,Please can anyone be kind enough to let me know how to get into the ROMMON MODE OF this access point(air-lap1252ag-e-k9). I have used the mode button but no joy.I have also google this all day but still no joy.I want to be able to get ...

I want to separate the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz antennas on SAP2602E, is that possible?

I want to configure the 2,4 GHz radio to PDA wlan and configure the 5 GHz radio as a brigde like a did on the AP1242AG. It worked very well.The problem with SAP2602E is that the antenna selection is “a”, “ab”, “abc” or “abcd”. This applies on both 2....

Resolved! How to transfer light AP to weight one?

Hey, I just reached the Cisco AP(AIR-LAP1242AG-C-K9) recent days, and found that the AP are used before via a wireless controller, which means it is a light AP. and now i want to change it to be a weight one. because i want to use it in my office wit...

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