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Resolved! restrict time access on Aps

Hi ,We have about 30 x Wireless APs mixture of AIRCAP3502I-N-K9 and AIRLAP1142N-N-K9.controlled by 4 x WLC controllers installed in Core Cisco6500.We want to be able to turn off say 3 x APs in some area from midnight to 6am in the morning.I have chec...

q-le by Explorer
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Resolved! Officeextend suggestion?

Hi,I have attached a diagram of the current topology. At present, we have two 5508 connected to our core. We also have a 4402 behind the firewall (DMZ) just purely for guest access. So the staff users connect to the access point which in turns connec...

Resolved! wireless association

We had few ap's providing wireless coverage in an office space. 2 new Ap's were put in to these. Now, if i wanted to test only the 2 new ap's, what is the best way.I tried by disassociating myself from current ap and hoped that laptop would reconnect...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! DHCP for Single 5508 WLC and Guest Access

I have a single 5508 WLC that will be used for guest wireless now as well as secure employee wireless in the future.  Since our DMZ consists of a only a single L2 vlan, I will be creating multiple new L2 vlans to be used for the open guest wireless c...

Workgroup Bridge only probing.

Hi,It's my first post so I hope I won't forget important details I try to configure a WorkGroupBridge AP (Cisco 1240) with a LW-AP connected to a WL Controller 4400.My situation looks like to this one : http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6366/prod...

WRP400 and windows 7 64bit

Hi all this is my first post and hopefully someone can help me.Here is my problemMy rooter is a WRP400rooter firmware 2.00.26I am running windows 7 ultimate 64bit and my broadband connection is wireless winlan connection @ 5meg up and down.When I swi...

Which bracket and clip?

Which bracket and clip should I use in a conference room where a thick wood ceiling grid hangs lower than the tiles?My though was to try to clip it to the ceiling grid, but is there a better way?Thanks

bimckenz by Beginner
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Resolved! How does client dhcp work on WLC?

I am looking for the document the explains how client DHCP work?  More specifically I am interested in how the DHCP relay function should be configured.As of now I have the Primary and Secondary DHCP server address configured on the dynamic interface...

jcosgrove by Beginner
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