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WLC has firmware 7.2.110.Recently, new APs, using DHCP, were installed on the network and they will not associate with any WLC.  Its status light has been flashing green.  I has reset it several times without any luck.  I also notice some of the exis...

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Hi,I'd like to replace my 4402 Wireless controller with a new 5508. I have migrated the exact configuration from my 4404 controller to the 5508 and they are both running the same version of code. I'm worried that if I replace the 4402 with the 5508 c...

Hi all.Currently we are using eap-tls with machine authentication.We would like to improve the solution, because the fear of users "stealing" the certificates and installing them on unauthorized devices.We uses wlc 5508, ver 7.2, ACS 5.2, and connect...

eirmad by Level 1
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Hi all,I am try to design a wireless solution where we will use WLC, MSE, ACS and we want to hace map location of the ap.It is a new solution, no a upgradingFor the use of map and location in Cisco Prime wich license is required?, just with the lifec...

We're running NCS Since updating to this release from the 1.0 release, the 'Autonomous AP Client Status' and 'Lightweight Client Status' background tasks have been failing with message 'java.lang.NullPointerException'.  I believe as a resul...

Hello Anybody,I have purchased a Cisco CAP-3502 Wirless Access point from Ebay.Now, i have no Wireless lan Controller, can i use the Access Point without the Wireless Controller?How can i Download the Software for the CAP? I become a Message, i need ...

Sanymedia by Level 1
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Hello,Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on why a client would not select the "better" AP?  This particular client see's 4 AP's and one of them is obviously the better one at -64.  Yet it inists that it wants to connect to one of the worst ones a...

Hi All, I would like to know if the recommended WAN latency of 100ms for Voice + Data as per the H-REAP design & deployment guide holds good if we are using locally switched WLANs + central 802.1X authentication? I read somewhere that the 100ms requi...

Hi allThe high availibity feature that gets configured on the AP for primary/sec/tertiary controllers, do both the hostname and IP need to be entered? If you only enter the hostname of a pri/sec controller but do not enter an IP, does the AP try to r...

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