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hello Connecting 9115 ap.   The ping goes to the radius server and the ssid is also seen on the phone. The problem is, I can't connect even if I press ssid. ID/PW is correct. ID/PW is successful even with the test aaa group command. I think there is...

heyjunsun by Level 1
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Hello everyone,  i have installed Cisco 9800-CL virtual WLC on vmWare ESXi.  current setup lools like :  WLC has dedicated MGMT interface(GIG1) and trunk port (GIG2).Cisco VPC is configured with ESXi standard switch, with active passive uplink ports....


Hi My Wi-Fi Network setup is mixed APs model. when we are trying to update the Firmware through EWC - HTTP method is not possible because the non homogenous  model. Suppose i try to update the firmware via TFTP. the updated image is running in the ba...

Ashok09 by Level 1
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Hi All, Trying to make full use of the 9136 dual port. Enable LAG on WLC 9800-L-C for AP Profile.However, the ports configured with LACP won't work on the switch side.when I switch to the Normal Trunk port it works.Does the AP not need LACP on switch...

owen2 by Level 1
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I'm just wondering if there is a way to get an output of the serial numbers of all the APs connected to a WLC. I know they can be individually found in the WLC web interface or through the CLI but i'm hoping to find a way to see them all.thanks

dseagren1 by Level 1
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Hi, After i've downloaded cisco mobility express image ( Release when i have opened the file to take image copy to add it in the tftp command with (Bin) extension i could not find it as shown in the attached images

C2802.jpg 222222.jpg

Hi, In AireOS wlc, when setup interface at controller tab, each vlan needs to enter default gateway ip address. Now in Catalyst wlc, we also need to setup default gateway ip address for its vlan. But we could not find where to enter default gateway i...

Leftz by Level 4
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I have a customer that needs flexconnect at each of his 10 locations to access local servers and printers. The customer has a pair of 5508 WLCs running the customer currently has 25 and under AP count per site, they are considering an...

kbyrd by Level 2
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Hi folks,I fully understand how Layer 2/3 roam function and role of EoIP in an inter-controller enviornment.L2 intra-controller roaming also pretty straightforward.However, L3 intra-controller roaming is not very clear to me.Could someone throw some ...

Hello,Today one of my AP suddently reboot and after the AP come up i can see the SSID which only running under 802.11a is not detected. Before the AP suddenly reboot the SSID is showing and can be accessed. Now only client 802.11b can connect to this...

hs08 by Spotlight
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