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Hi,I wanted to know if there is any Cisco documentation on a n+1 HA design where I have one vWLC in one DC and the second one in a diff DC geographically different. The vWLC in use will be a 9800-CL. In this scenario the mgmt ip will also be differen...

khan300 by Beginner
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Dear Community, I need my 3850 switch works as a Wireless Controller but i am facing some problems. I have 2 3850 switches which are deployed on different location on a same office. I have 5 access points and need integrate with the wireless controll...

I have an instance at a Fire Station on Spectrum Cable with 2 buildings, 1 OEAP602 in each building.  Both 602's link and function as expected to a common WLC on code.  In the process of retiring all 602's with 1815t's supported on a differ...

I'm familiar with using PI/CMX with 3702 APs and Halos for Hyperlocation, but there seems to be no documentation on using 2800 APs and Fastlocate. I'm not sure what positioning info is needed: I expect I will need x/y/z axis positioning within the bu...

Jim Blake by Beginner
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Roaming between different networks and groups of APs. Good Morning. What is the best configuration practice on the controller (Cisco 5520) to roaming between different networks (L3) transparently on a network with authentication on a Firewall.

fmcsilva1 by Beginner
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Hello, Can anyone explain to me if you need dhcp option 43 when you have your access point in the same vlan as your controllers management interface?

Nub65 by Beginner
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Hi,we´ve some vWLC´s and of course alls AP´s run in flexconnect mode.Normaly we use local switching, but now I´ve to change one SSID to central switching because the customer want to youse bonyour services. So I´ve disabled for one SSID the Local Swi...

wabbot22 by Beginner
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I’m working on a migration from 5508 to a 9800 WLC, and I notice that the local mac filter command “username xxxx:xxxx:xxxx mac ” does not have an option to add a description. Does anyone knows if there is a way to add a description to a user MAC add...

dthomaz77 by Enthusiast
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