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We are currently running CCM 4.1(2) and IPCC 6.0. Both use SQL Server 2000 SP3.We have a link to the HDS servers from another SQL Server which pulls things like the Termination Call Detail records every night. We are going to be upgrading that serv...

Resolved! Script Help

I need some help with a script for my company. My company will be closing early on Christmas Eve and closed all day on Christmas. I have the Christmas day in my dates.xml and have a subflow calling the Holdiday.aef script. What I am thinking of do...

jjhols by Level 1
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hidid any one deal with this package or order it previously, it is the CVP software with limited license for a lab or test environment and can be installed on vmwarei'm trying to get the correct part number for the CVP NFR package but i can't find th...

Hi guys,I am gonna deploy a parent child UCCE project with CVP. I know CVP only works on parent side. The question is; Can I use all CVP components which CVP Call Server, VXML Server and Reporting Server at parent side? I have read some parent child ...

Has anyone successfully upgraded CRS from 3.5(4) to 4.0(4)? Also, when the upgrade fails and you try again, the installer says that the profile you need to use is already in use and it forces you to create a new profile. This isn't good since that ...

thomas1 by Level 2
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Hi, is possible to the supervisor change the agent state (not-ready to ready) without use CSD directly, but some script like a .bat or some VB SCRIPT. I wanna give the supervisor some way to change the agent status using an ASPNET application..Thanks...

lomonaco by Level 1
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Agent extensions are currently 5 digits. In the IPCC Web Administration, CallManager Connecivity, I see "CallManager Agent Extension Length" is set to 8. What effect if any does this have on operation?Thanks

mw9714 by Level 1
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Hi,I try to update our IPIVR for IPCC 7.2 and CM 4.2(3) therefore I need to go to CRA 3.5(4)sr2. Is this possible only with the patch ccrs-3-5-4-sr2.exe from the download file section?Or do I need to go with the original CDs for 3.5(4) and apply the ...