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    I have two CUSP diffrent IP addresses and hostnames. I want them to both have the same CUSP configuration on the module. Is there a way I can take the configuration and copy to a ftp server and then onto the other CUSP without any IP address or h...

                   Hi,                       Am trying to use Crystal report 2008 to generate report from the UCCX 7.1 I could not find any statup guide. Can someone help me the newbie for CRS.Thank youPC

Hello UCCX gurus, I'm new to the UCCX world but, I've been given the task to create a queue that while users are waiting in the queue will every so often tell them " your current or estimated wait time is....."Does anyone have a sample script on how ...

dan hale by Level 3
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How call server service(ICM,SIP,IVR) are intercommunicating. i was gone through comprehensive call flow, when call hits on CVP with help of SIP service and communicate with ICM using ICM service.HOw ICM and SIP service are communicating.

Platform is IPCC 7.0 Enterprise.Steps I am executing:a) Launch CTI testb) config /hostA roggera /portA 42027 /hostB roggerb /portB 42028c) opend) agent_login <ID> <Password> /periph 1000 /instrument <instrument id>After I issue command (d...