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I’m just starting researching whether or not I can pass the carrier’s SIP UUID all the way “in.”Meaning: Carrier SIP UUID -> CUBE -> CVP->VXMLThe reason is that the sending system is holding some data that I need to grab via a  web service.The remote...

In my java code I have an order number that needs to be spoken out. It's always a 7-digit string of characters; eg: "1765432". Using the base way I know to do it, the number is spoken as "one million seven-hundred thousand...", but what I'm looking f...

Quigath by Spotlight
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Hi AllI am .NET developer.Recently started working on Oracle Cloud media bar integrations with Cisco Finesse.I am using RestSharp library to do REST API call to Finesse server (successfully).Now, something XMPP come into the picture where I want to s...

stingare by Level 1
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Resolved! CVP SIP Options

If a CVP Call Server no longer has a Connection with the A or B side VRU PG, it's ICM Stats changes to Partial Service as per below screenshot. ( Screen shot taken from http://<cvpserver>:8000/cvp/diag )What I am surprised about is that while in this...

Hey All,I couldn't find any information about the upcoming Finesse Version 12.0.I've seen a couple of screenshots of the new Finext client and no I wonder, if the GUI is still based on OpenSocial Gadget Container Framework or if we have to rewrite al...

thomc by Level 1
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We need to implement three different call transfer scenarios:I. What Finesse REST API actions (commands) need to be performed for the steps 4-5 of the test below:1) Agent 1 Login2) Agent 1 Not Ready3) Agent 1 dials to a customer at extension 12345  (...

vbashin by Level 1
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I am writing a tool bar to interface into the customers CRM system to handle callback and cold callingThis is all working OK in that I can get the call and dial the number. What I am trying to do is to pop a web page in the "Cold Calling" tab to disp...

Hi All,Did anyone face issue with the audio file readback. A part of the audio file is not audible. This issue happens very randomly. For example, if the verbiage of an audio file is "Welcome to IVR Demo", we just hear part of the audio content "Welc...