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        This community is for questions about using Contact Center developer functions.
See the Contact Center Knowledge Base for answers to some common questions.
For production deployment issues, please contact the Cisco TAC.
For direct help with developer issues, please open a ticket with DevNet Developer Support.
Developer ticket support for Contact Center is only available for Finesse and Task Routing.

Forum Posts

Screen Pops and Google Chrome

Hello, I have uccx 10.5 with finesse and I when finesse is launched it opens up Google Chrome which is fine but when a screen pop happens the screen pop opens up with Internet Explorer and we are trying to figure out how to accomplish that. Has any o...

error jabberwerx

Hi,I get following error while login in cisco finesse nonsample gadgetjabberwerx.js:744 acknowledged rid 2130667326 outside accepted window (2130667327..2130667328)!

ikunalrai by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Measuring Outbound Calls

We have a requirement to measure calls manually made by an agent to external numbers (i.e. outside of the switch).Currently we are getting the figures for these calls from the Agent Skill Group Interval table in UCCE using the AgentOutCalls and Agent...

Resolved! Database Error showing 537 message Invalid length parameter passed to the LEFT or SUBSTRING

I have created a report which I have just imported into a customer site This is the Substring i have created to separate out data that is being shown in the Variables within the Termination Call Detail reportTCD.Variable2 as MIDandStatus,TCD.Variable...

sarbarnes by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Finesse API - empty Queues

Hi, I have 2 agents with same configuration (roles, team, skills,....). When using API for queues for specific agent {server}/finesse/api/User/{id}/Queues it work only for one of them. The second gets empty list: <Queues/>. But in cisco finesse app o...

Resolved! CORS with finesse 10.5.1

Hello,In one of the threads I got to know that by using I should be able make a HTTP GET request to Finesse REST end point with out explicitly setting up a proxy, but I am not sure about which library or package that I should d...

vxavier01 by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! Oauth

Has anyone built a gadget for finesse using a signed request? Can anyone provide an example of XML configuration and gadget config. It looks like you only configure the parameter as shown below. I'm not sure what process is signing the request or how...

Ron Nelson by Contributor
  • 1 replies
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