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Hi,In CTIOS there was a function called alternate that could be performed on a call - this would toggle which call was active/held during a consultative transfer or conference:i.e. rArgs)Is there an eq...

Hi,We are currently developing Finesse integration using SCCP-based Cisco IP communicator endpoints.  Does this have any bearing on the integration with Cisco Finesse?  I would assume not as the Finesse API/notifications would be agnostic to the prot...

Hi,We are trying to integrate Packaged CCE 10.5 with a third-party Web application using Web Services, using the following scenario: Packaged CCE <==> Integration Web Services <=====> WebApp Note: Integration Web Services are developed using C#.NET, ...

Hi All,               In my custom voice class , I found VAction throws undefined for both nomatch and  noinput, I check through cvp java doc 9.0, VAction  class methods, public static VAction getNew(VPreference preference, int type, String name, Str...

Hi all,I have a customer who blocks direct access between CVP Server and the internet/cloud based web services. And requires us to use HTTP proxy in order to access the cloud based web services. What is the best approach to achieve this?1. Setup the ...

lohjintiam by Enthusiast
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Hi,One issue we're discussing with our application's implementation of Finesse is how to correlate requests with responses.  This is particularly important for handling error scenarios in our application. E.g. If we get a Finesse response API error w...

Dear Cisco Folks,I need help please on how I can generate a report in cuic (UCCE 9.1.1) that captures total inbound and outbound calls made by agent. We have another system that can capture this but it has limited presentation and columns so we wante...

jmercado08 by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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