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Hi ,  I changed one CAP ( controller based access point ) to SAP (  standalone access point ) for testing . The procedure was very easy . Just typed the command . capwap ap autonomous Now after testing I need to revert it , means convert from SAP to ...

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We've had quite a few power events lately and finally decided to set our 2 x UCSC C220-M3S to Auto Power back on after a power failure.I'm setting the Boot Delay on the individual VM's and am curious if anyone else can speak to the delay needed betwe...

hi all,We have existing cucm on version 8.6 that we would like to purchase dx80 to register with.We are currently doing ordering for the dx80 part numberWhat licenses do i need to order in terms of cucm part number?i understand that there was a trans...

Hello, I have my cucm in a latin america place, but the issue I have is some phones when they dial a wrong number they get the announcement "Your call can not be completed as dial" and i have other phones in the same site same configuration but the a...

Hi,this is my question. Cisco IP phone A is calling phone B.B is set to CFA to PSTNNow I can see that the call to PSTN choose "A" Gateway rather then "B".Do you know how to configure that the call should choose "B" CFA CCS that is "B" Gateway rather ...