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Hii have two cisco ip phones 9951 and i would like to activate vidéo call between themi configured the tw phones on cucm 10.5when i go to  phone  application + accessoires  i don't find cisco unified camera displayed how can i fix this issueplease fi...

Hi All, Can any one please explain how the below Translation Pattern is happening exactly: 111[0-9][0-9][0-9].!5[47]XX*1.[1-46-8]XXX  (Pointing to VM)   111[0-9][0-9][0-9].*! (Pointing to VM)  It would be highly helpful if i get explanation with an e...

Hi All We are deploying CUE at customer site and we got new requirement of inserting Emergency message when any one reaches the CUE AA. This emergency message can change based on climate like heavy rain/Snow/Earthquakes etc.  How can we do this ad-ho...

Hi, In CUCM 10.x, we have option to make the cluster to secure mode by using command utils ctl set-cluster mixed-mode  in command line.So the cluster will change to secure mode. So what is the use of security token in the newer versions. So is securi...

abeebvm by Level 1
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Requesting assistance in trying to figure this out.  Our HQ is connected to multiple remote locations via MPLS.  We are also doing SIP trunking and other voice related traffic.  The traffic sourced from our side is all Ethernet until it reaches the l...

ty.masse by Level 1
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Hi,I jus deployed IP Phones 3905, but they are unable to create a conference of more than 3 participants. Every time we add the fourth, it drops the las one joined.I know these phones have like a million limitants, but i havent been lucky to find thi...