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CUCM 12.5

Hello, looking for any feedback from someone that has deployed CUCM 12.5.  Is it buggy?  What has your experience been? I'm planning an upgrade from 11.5 to 12.5 and would like to head into it eyes open. Thank you!

Tony C by Beginner
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Call parking in Jabber using Extend and Connect, no park number available

We've got several users set up with Extend and Connect as an alternative to using the Jabber mobile app because it frankly sucks. Maybe it's something we're doing wrong but the app is unusable in every situation except dire emergency. Extend and Conn...

8800 Series Wallpaper

Hi All, I recently uploaded via the TFTP server to my Flash Card images for the 8800 series phones. I’m using the CLI. I confirmed these images to be in the Desktops folder however after doing a reboot the phones are not showing the image. I keep get...

JDT69RR by Beginner
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Cisco 8851 Shared Lines

Hello, I have a scenario that we have ten Cisco 8851 with the same extension (Shared Line), and if two persons are on the phone, when a third call enters, the call is answered but is not possible no transfer the same. I dont know why, because all the...


i have a GainMaker that went bad and would like to replace  it's GainMaker  from Scientific Atlanta  1G 35-90V ~50-60HZ but can't find it if it's discontinued with wat can i replace if  my cables are with 60v to broadcast tv

7911, 7914 expansion module, 7937 conference phones - will they work with 12.5?

Hi everyone,I have a few 7911s, 7914 expansion modules connected to 7962s, and a couple of 7937 conference phones. My cluster is currently running on version CUCM 11.5.1 and I'm exploring an upgrade to 12.5x. Cisco can't give me a definite answer on ...

lisacoody by Beginner
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