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CME 4.1 no Local Directory?

I have a small lab to study forCCNA Voice.  CME is on a 2610xm router, running IOS 12.4.(15)T11 and CME 4.1 CUCME.  I have currently have two phones on the system.  One 7960 and one 7940.  I have a basic setup right now which works just fine, but whe...

Updating CUCM users via BAT

I am running CUCM 9.1(2) and I am trying to update the user to ensure device association and group membership.  I created a CSV file based on a BAT export and updated the group and associated device fields and for the PIN, Password and Digest Credent...

ybpants by Contributor
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Cisco IPphone rebooted itself

HelloWe have a few Cisco 7965 phones that tends to reboot on its own. it rebooted when user on the phone and the call was dropped.We suspected the phone renew its IP that caused the phone to reboot.  Does anyone have similar issue? The DHCP lease is ...

markcarat by Beginner
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Call forward all 8941 using load SCCP8941_8945.9-3-4-17 not working.

After upgrading our 8941's to this firmware we can no longer press the call fwd all soft key followed by the voicemail button to forward calls to voice mail.  Instead it asks to select a line, after a line is selected it then connects the call to voi...

Inbound SIP Call Failures

Hello,We are experiencing a problem with inbound SIP calls.  Outbound calls work as expected without problem.I am using a Cisco AS5400HPX with 12 PRI's connected to Dialogic D/480-2T1 cards in a dialing chassis.  I use a proprietary software to handl...

LR_BrianW by Beginner
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Resolved! CUCM Upgrade Tasks

Hello,  I have to upgrade CUCM 7.0 cluster, it is a minor (upgrade to 7.1.5). but I have the following questions:As per my knowledge, I have to upgrade the Publisher, then the subscribers.What is the meaning of upgrading the publisher first? Does it ...