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Is there possible to configure E-fax in a call manager?Once i get a fax it should comes to my email a copy,is this possible task?Can anybody suggest on thiswhat are the requirements needed for configuring E-fax,which is the recommended E-fax product ...

Resolved! SIP Config Help

I am unable to receive calls to my IP phones when I dial my DIDs.  I can make calls out just fine, just not sure why I can't call in.  To test I use my cell phone to place a call to my DID (provided my flowroute) and I just get a disconnect tone a fe...

jwood1650 by Beginner
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Silly question of course...In Unity, if I go to Edit-Mailbox, I see the number of messages in the account, however, is there a way I can tell how many are new (not listened to), and how many have been listened to?  Thanks so much. CISCO VoIP System I...

On CUCM System version:, VMWare Installation, some Route Patterns seems to disappear.  Is there a way to see who logged into the CUCM and when?  Also, is there a way to see when config changes were made?  I know this capability was not ...