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hi,I have CUCM 8.6.1 and  we use cisco Media Termination Point Software.                        Users hold the telephone and play jingle (MOH) but interruptions in the sound going. RTMT LOGNumber of MediaResourceListExhausted events exceeds configure...

Hello all, Does anyone know if the volume of the tone that gets played to them when a second call tries to come through can be altered in volume? I know there are options in the call manager to alter how the phones react (i.e. flash only, ring, etc.....

VLT06 by Level 3
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Hi all,I'm having an issue on a CUCM machine running If I run the RTMT I get to see numerous of alerts saying: 'Service status is DOWN. Cisco Messaging Interface...'The alert keeps popping up every 30 seconds.Can anyone tell me what the...

pijssel by Level 1
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