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Phone status using CUCI-Lync

Hello, I've been experimenting with CUCI-Lync, it seems to be working OK with one exception.   Off-hook/on-call status is never being reflected in the Lync client.  I'm sure there's something I need to enable to make that happen, but I'm not seeing i...

VG cable-detect

I have implemented voice-port cable-detect on my VG350 (15.3(2)T) with SM-D-72FXS modules and MGCP signalling loop start.  The documentation is not specific as to what is defines "connected" and "not connected" state and  I have a functioning phone t...

Ipt configuration

Hello all, I have a cisco cme with extension of 4 digits starting with 50, When i created an extension on the same router that starts with 4... Internal calls can be made between the two ranges but no sound is heard. Can anyon know what is the probl...

Resolved! Cisco CP 7941 and 7961 issues

HiI been experiencing multiple failures on Cisco 7941 and 7961 phones.When there is an incomming call and you lift the handset to answer, the phone continues to ring or transfers to speaker mode.I have rest the phone back to factory defaults, but th ...

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