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Hi All,I am getting belwo mention error on UCCX . System version: reading ScriptsRepository Data Store not initialized. Please activate the Repository Data Store by navigating to control center page.Error reading ScriptsRepository...

Dear All,How to iradicate these issues with FXO/analogue lines.     Takes around or more than 25-30 seconds to place a call Voice quality is not good and very low volume Many a times the called numbers seems engaged while it is actually not.

techguy by Enthusiast
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HI ,In our cisco VOIP environment,Automated Auto Attendant for cisco VOIP phones is not working.Scenario:CUCM 8when we call a xxxxxx number from landline (external)or mobile(external)greeting message displayed selcting options like press 1 for xxxxx,...

We have been having issues with T.38 negotiate failing between our CUCM 8.6 and a RightFax server. Anyone have any documentation on the setup for RightFax? Are configuration is PSTN--(SIP)--CUCM--(SIP)--RightFax server.ThanksTommy

tommy6858 by Beginner
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Does anybody knows in a CUCM 9.1 with a demo license, how many devices i can install? in cucm 8.X for example in system > licenses i can see how many DLUs i have and how many devices can install, in cucm as work with CUWL does not show anything, all ...

I have the following topology:CUCM --> HSRP Virtual IP --> CUBE A - active ----------->  SBC                                             CUBE B - standby     when i have "network connectivity" issues between the active cube and standby cube. Standby ...

Hi all,I have set up a role which contains a set of rights I would like our support desk to have.So far all is working well and it is doing what I want it to do - BUT (there is always a but!), I would like the support desk to have rights to add the f...