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Dears,Please find the attached screenshot for ELM.I have just upgraded from 8.6 to 9.1  and i am trying to migrate my existing license from 8.6 to 9.1..  What tab i have to adjust in specify license counts the used the remaining DLU's as it is warnin...

I have call Manager 7.0 Publisher and Subscriber which are installed on Two MCS and I need to upgrade to Call Manager 9, but Call Manager 9 would be on Vmware and the Existed purchased license should be transferred from CUCM V7.0 to the new version.P...

I have a quick question regarding ad-hoc conference call issues in UCM 8.6.2 environment. Recently I have noticed a few instances of ad-conference calls failing while trying to add 3rd party in the call. I want to know where I should check to find ou...

                  Hello guys!     I've recently upgraded a CUCM 8.6.2, CUCxN 8.6.2 amd CUP 8.6 platforms (all running on a BE6000) to version 9.1.1a. My questions are regarding the CUP server:1. Now that everything regarding IM and Presence is consol...

fuhrersk8 by Participant
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Dear All,I need to switch version from 6.1.3 to 6.1.5. And i have one publisher and two subscriber nodes in my network.Can you please tell how long will take for switching the version l mean how long will be the down time.How long it will take the ip...

tiger_401 by Beginner
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Hello everyone!We have CUCM 6 configured for LDAP sync with AD. It used to work fine until I noticed that whenever I make changes to current users (phone number etc), these changes are not reflected in CUCM, it still shows old information. Even If i ...

fgasimzade by Enthusiast
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