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questions on route group

Hi,MGCP gatewayRoute group distribution: Top downIn this type, calls will go to top to down , i.e.., covering all 30 channels in E1 line and passing to another E1 line, is it correct?If yes, how to change the behaviour to pass a first call to 1E1 lin...

Resolved! CME and CUE 7.x licensing

Hello,I have a router running CME 8.5 and CUE 7.1.  CUE is running on an AIM-CUE module.  The licensing dashboard is reporting the 40 days left on the demo license.  I think this is for CUE as I am under the impression that the CME licensing is inclu...

Resolved! Could not find kernal image : linux - Error in VMWARE for CUCM 8.0

Hi There,I am installing CUCM 8.0 on VM ware 9.0, I am seeing this errro once i have given the image from the same laptop.Could not find kernal image : linuxboot:Hardware details which I have given in VMWARE:HDD Size - 40GMemory - 1 GThanks & regards...

Cisco CME 8.6 have SIP trunks connected as IP Trusted list and have internal SIP devices

Cisco CME 8.6 have SIP trunks connected to provider server as IP Trusted list (not as register SIP trunks) and have internal SIP devices (Apple iphone and ipad) which require registration to this cme as local extensions. Office Telepony connection to...