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Creating a CUIS user

Do I have to create a CAD supervisor in Agent Explorer (ICM) in order to create a password for a CUIS user? I have a manager who needs to be able to run CUIS reports, but she doesn't need CAD Supervisor. I don't know how I would go about creating/res...

Resolved! translation-rule problem

Hi all,I have a translation problem, I know where is it, but I don´t know why.I have this config,voice translation-rule 20 rule 1 /^941296*/ /6/ rule 2 /^941257115*/ /2290/ rule 3 /^941244606*/ /2291/ rule 4 /^941249882*/ /2292/ rule 5 /^941253246*/ ...

david.sua by Beginner
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Extensions in CME

Hi,Is it possible to make 2 blocks of extension in one cme gateway which cannot talk to each other? Let us say 1xxx and 2xxx. Extensions starting from 1xxx shouldnt reach to extenstion starting from 2xxx.If so, then how? Thanks

techguy by Enthusiast
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