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hi,we have a CUCM 7.1 and a 2821 ISR with SRST 7.1.I created a SRST Reference at the CUCM and set it to the Devicepool of the phones.The 2821 is configured as a h323 gateway.I configured the call-manager-fallback at the gateway as following:call-mana...

I was using for almost 18 months the CCA v3.x very well (upgraded two times the previous versions), 3 months ago and I started sharing configurations and settings with the Cisco SB Office Manager, yesterday after enabling the VPN for a user in the CS...

i use the CUCM with version 8.0a sip trunk connection with a asterisk ,now everything is ok but the DTMF ...the asterisk need inband DTMF,and i only known the CUCM support RFC2833....I want to know how to config cucm to support inband DTMF...

bo liu by Enthusiast
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I have a problem with intermittent voice call on the network. We have recently migrated to CUCM8 and have identified that calls through on gateway out of the 7 have one way voice conversations but not to all extensions. Some work fine. I have checked...