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911 - Frontier / AT&T / PRI

Hello,I had our telco company install a single PRI last summer. The PRI feeds 5 locations, all of whom we disconnected their analog lines and they now ride on our PRI line at Location A. I needed to setup 911 so that when calls originate from any of ...

mjensen323 by Beginner
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Resolved! Forward Hunt Group Busy / No Answer

I am having a problem with a Hunt Group configuration           I am running CUCM 8.5 with Unity Connection 8.5Forward Hunt No Answer is set to the Unity voicemail pilotForward Hunt Busy is set to the Unity voicemail pilotIn both the above scenarios,...

stu.hebson by Beginner
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CME integration with Unity

Hello.  I am currently trying to integrate a CME 7 with Untiy 5.  Everything looks to be in order according to the documentation.  However when a call forwards to voicemail it is sent to the main Unity greeting not the mailbox greeting.  I can see in...

CCME on-hook issues

Hello everyone,running CCME 8.6 with older 796/40 phones that were originally on CME. Users are experiencing an issue when they hang up a call the phones will often go off-hook into speaker phone mode.  They are not hanging up too hard or inadvertent...

Resolved! Unable to find the option to select multiple messages in PCA inbox to delete.

Hi,I am not sure what is missing and all the default settings are made for the account undeliversablemessagemailbox and still i dont see the option to select multiple for deleting from the Inbox of the Cisco PCA Inbox.Please let me know if some thing...

Resolved! CME Dial Tone Delay

All,I have some users on CallManager Express 8.6 that get a significant delay (1+ seconds) from the time they hit the speaker button to the time they get dial tone.  The setup is phone--->3750 stack-------->ASA5510-------------->2911 running CME.  So...

angel-moon by Participant
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Unity 4.0 Integration question

Hello allUsing CUCM 7.1 and Unity 4.0.We currently have our Unity integrated with a CUCM 7.1 and an Avaya G3, the Avaya is being relocated to a different location across the WAN and we intend to use a PIMG (digital) to re-integrate the Avaya back to ...