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Resolved! PATing the Voice Traffic

Hi Friends,It is design related query. I have setup with Cisco Call Manager is in Datacenter which connects to the 10 IP Phones (located in the same office) thru MPLS VPN link.For some reason, I am asked to configure PAT (Many to One NAT)  the IP add...

Resolved! Call coming on second line getting the beep sound as well as voice cracking at that time

I have configured a hunt group with broadcast with the all user in the hunt group sharing the same 6 lines on there  7965 phones. When call came on the first line and the first user is busy on call another call come on the hunt it land on the second ...

rajat00700 by Beginner
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config request

Hi I need to configure a side car ( expansion module ) in CME . can anyone please tell me the configuration commands for the same . this is my current config .ephone-dn  168  dual-linenumber 0152label rrrrrr x0760description rrrrrrname rrrrrrrrrmobil...

Un-hang the extension you are dialing to in CUCM 8.5 and IP Phones 7942G

                   Hello guys!     I have a client that wants to be able to un-hang (I don' t know how to say it) the extension the person is dialing to. For example, if person A calls person B, but person B is not answering, caller A wants to be abl...

fuhrersk8 by Participant
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Displaying CLID on CUCM

Hi,I have a GW that connects to CUCM via a SIP trunk.  This GW converts TDM to IP.  Clients dial into the GW, and the GW forward the call to CUCM and then CUCM to a phone.  My challange is that some outside callers hide their CLID, and I need to disp...

j.leroux by Beginner
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Resolved! Monitoring calls

I have one user that requested a feature that he found on Cisco CUCM documentation.  He wants to have all calls coming from and to an external number be recorded.  The configuration guide shows that this is possible but it looks like I need additiona...