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Hi there I have ran the DMA upgrade tool for CUCM 7.1(3), this resulting tarball has been used to build the new 7.1(3a) server.Problem I now have is phones are just sitting in 'opening' mode after doing their firmware upgrade.I have not ap...

harris.h by Beginner
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At each site I have setup two route groups in a route list.  Each route group has a SIP trunk to a2811 ISR which in turn has a SIP trunk to our voice carrier.  It is setup this way so that ifthe trunk to the carrier at this site fails - the call shou...

mmedwid by Participant
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We currently use FXO ports for 911 dialing while 10 and 11 digit calls get routed over the local PRI.  Both FXO and PRI are on the same MGCP controlled GW in each site.  If I configure a local route group for all calls I would list the route group me...

oneman by Beginner
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Hi,I have Call Manager 8.0.3 and two router's are connected with NORTEL throu QSIG protocol and they are getting DOD (Outboand Call's) from NORTEL, the customer order one more route for FXS to have a analog extension in the same range of DOD.My quest...

Hi All,I configured 7970 phone and everything is working ok except the Directories\Corporate Directory is giving me Host not found error. All other phones are okay including three 7970 models, the rest are 7960s. So I believe the problem is not on CM...

marasiganm by Beginner
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Has anyone experienced IPC getting "stuck" on a certain cluster? I often switch IPC from cluster to cluster for troubleshooting different systems, etc but I have a case where IPC is ignoring the change I have in the network settings (tftp server).

mmorris11 by Enthusiast
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I recently got an old 1760-v that I am seeting up in the lab.  I'm wondering if there may be a bad DSP chip in it.  Initially, it had a single DSPchip in slot 1: NAME: "DSP Module", DESCR: "Packet Voice DSP Module with 1 C549 DSPs"PID: Packet Voice D...

Hi,I'm trying to get EAP-TLS dot1x authentication on an IP phone to a Cisco ACS server 4.2When i check the event logs on the ACS it just keeps saying EAP_FAST type not configured with is correct as i haven't enabled it on the ACS server.How do you st...

mbattsmac by Beginner
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Hi,i have a strange issue on Call Pickup feature (i use CUCM 7.1.3) :- i configure Call Pickup Group- I have 2 DN's assigned to this Pickup Group- I have 2 7962 phones and i put this 2 DN's ON THE FIRST LINE (first button) of both phones- the Call Pi...

robmas0871 by Beginner
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