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Hi again all. Im working to get Unity upgraded and put on a separate server. Ive installed the OS on the server and Im ready to install the old version of Unity onto the new server, so that I can do a DIRT restore, then upgrade. Im under the assum...

jjoseph01 by Participant
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hi,can anyone explain to me how the transcoder is used, if i have 2 devices over the wan one talks g711 (e.g a sip trunk, or an ipcc) and the other talks g729 (normal ip phone) , where shall i put the transcoder and apply it to which device pool

Hi,We have a 2821 gateway with 2 PRI ports managed by CallManager 6.1 via MGCP. We had an issue earlier in the week that all trunks were busy due to a configuration problem on the PBX side. I wanted to find out which calls (calling and called numbers...

yiwentan by Beginner
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Hello all:I'm struggling with this issue since long time. I have a CIPC (ver that works fine in the Company LAN. When I try to use it at home, where I have a Cisco Linksys Wireless router (connected to ADSL modem), and I try to use CIPC, (...

I have the following doubt, when I purchase phones IP, The suppliers consult to me, if they sold the phone with license or without it.When i configure the Phone in the call Manager, i am not requested any license.I Need to buy licenses?, the lice...