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Hi allWe have a CME with tradional license and 60 phones ares used(7940, 7960, 8840)Now instaed of using cp8845 we had upgraded the version of CME to 10.5 and added 30 CME-UL.but after 2 months, the systme shutdowns and i notice that the cme-ul didn'...

Hi everyone. I have phones via SIP and via SCCP registered with a CME. However, in some phones local directory works correctly but not in others, although it is the same configuration. Any ideas? This is the configuration: voice register globalmode c...

Hello!Im new to voip. I'm taking an online ccna voice course. Im labbing this all up using real equipment. Everything is going great so far however, I've reached a stumbling block. In the lab there is voice traffic that's going from one router to ano...

NetEng20k by Beginner
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I have Pub and 4 subscribers 2 for each site. when making adhoc conference from anysite using MRGL X with Avaya PBX conference works  but if i used MRGL Y conference connected but silentMRGL X: contains 2 software CFB, MTP (subscribers of site X)MRGL...

Hello,       I have call manager express 7.0 installed on cisco 2851 router  IOS  c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.T.bin every thing was working fine except when we changed the ip source address on the router the phones stopped registering it self.I...

Hello Have any of you tried to register an Avaya SIP phone on CUCM? I tried. The telephone registered well,  and it is posible to dial from it to a Cisco phone, but when  I dial from a Cisco phone, the Avaya phone doesn't ring. The Avaya phones is an...

rpsalaza by Cisco Employee
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Hi I work in an office and I am getting too many calls from my ex girlfriend. I was wondering how to block a number. I really don’t want to tell my boss about this.  I have a 7900 series version. Thank you!! Not sure if I posted in the correct locati...