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I have a client that wants two different messages for the initial AA recording, they want the ability to switch the messages at any time via an easy method, the unity express is integrated with callmanager 6.1 via jtapi. any idea on how i can do this...

Adding 7 cd tracks to cucm for customer, got them loaded and translated and giving them a stream number. When I assign this and check the box for "Play continuously (repeat)" does that mean , at that time, all 7 will start streaming simultaneously,...

I have a Cisco phone 7911 and I would like to assign two different lines to your button? The first number Annex phone number and the second the number of the GDM, General Delivery Mailboxes. I can doing?

Hi all.I've this strange problem:we have approximately 500 cisco ip phones, registered on our CCM phones using a user locale ITALIAN configuration, and all work wellthis configuration come from old CCM4.1 configuration, imported when...

I`m due to upgrade a CUCM 6.X server to 6.1. and I`m querying a procedureCurrent set up Publisher - Running as Glass House- No CM Services, No TFTP etcSubscriber2x TFTP ServersI know we upgrade to an inactive partition so not to effect production ho...

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