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Ephone_dn translation-profile

I have a need to make restrict a Ephone from Dialing out. I'veimplemented the below config. But it doesnt seem to work.!voice translation-rule 10 rule 2 reject /9../ rule 3 reject /9......../!voice translation-profile LOBBY translate called 10!ephone...

jcounter by Beginner
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Call Forward all

Hi Callmanager 3.3 Hunt group and pilot created with members assigned to it. All working fine when calling the hunt pilot. Also when one extension is call forwarded all to hunt pilot number then it works fine and gets forwarded.But when the second me...


Hi Guys,Does anyone have experience troubleshooting FXS ports ? I have a 2port VWIC and a 4 port VWIC. The two port is working fine but the 4 port has no dial tone on any of the ports.Done a sh voice port summ and i can see the port ring on incoming ...

FXS Port in 2801

We have a VIC-4FXS card in a 2801 with a analog phone hooked up to port 0 currently. We are going to hook up a fax machine that ties into CCM 6.01 BE. Whenever we pick up the phone it gets no dialtone and when I dial out it doesn't do anything. If...

rraver by Beginner
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IP Directories

Is there a way to change the time it takes for the directories to show up? right now if I press directories, then choose "Missed Call", for example, it take a bout 10 seconds for it show up. I would like to change to about 5. I'm on callmanager 4.1 (...

lkinchen by Beginner
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