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Has anyone got any recommendations for a USB handset that works (with hook/keyboard functionality) with Communicator?We have finally got our firewall configured for two way comms through VPN and would like to implement a number of users but all USB h...

bobwillis by Beginner
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Hi,I'm using a CCM 4.1 and a Cisco 2801 (adv ip services) with PVDM-64 and VWIC-2MFT-E1.When i try to configure pri-group timeslots using the commands : pri-group timeslots 1-31 service mgcp I have the following error message :%Insufficient resources...

dom.a by Beginner
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We have a UC520 and 12 PSTN lines from our telephone provider.How do I setup our reception phone 7961GE to have more than 2 lines ring at one time? If both lines are busy at reception, the caller gets a busy signal. I would like the 7961GE to have a ...

Seems to me that many shops doing VoIP opt for a 2nd, separate cable and switches for their VoIP equipment. Is this really necessary? How many people do it this way?It would seem to me that if one sets up propor QoS and VLANs then one cable/network...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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Hello,I want to match all traffic from IP Communicator to CUM and others IP's device (signaling and conversation) to implement QoS Policies.Do you have the standart port(s) and protocols to do that with an ACL? Does anyone have a document explain tha...

Hi,Have tried to upgrade from 5.1.1 to 5.1.3(a) but have faced the following problem,a) While downloading the patch, the extension form is .gz and not .sgn but somehow wh have tried using a freeware application to download, we managed got an extensio...

howct7231 by Beginner
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I have a 2621XM with a NM-2V and a VIC-2FXO. Any incoming or outgoing calls on 1 of the FXO ports always seems to have a hum or buzz in the background. I swapped the analog lines going into the FXO ports and the hum or buzz seems to follow the FXO ...

I have problems getting my SIP Phone 3911 :s to register with my Call Manager 6.0.1. Sometimes they register and sometimes not. If the manage to register they unregister shortly. While registered they behave strange, calls are not working properly. A...

rore by Beginner
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If we plan to deploy Cisco IP Phones with sip firmware, run a sip trunk from UCM 6.1 to Cisco Gateway and have a Sip trunk up to sip provider (for PSTN) is there any reason we need to purchase the IP2IP gw license? I.e. with just standard sp servic...