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I'm implementing a new CME, with CE500 switches, and everything has gone fine until I started working on the wireless phones.I am trying to limit the wireless APs to the Voice VLAN and when I originally set them up (using CNA) and tested I found that...

mpitts by Level 1
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We have a new pri installed and the telco will not be the LD provider...they are requesting that we send the CIC code for the appropriate LD provider (MCI)...The PRI is isdn switch type NI2.The gateway is an H.323 gateway...CCM 5.04....is the possibl...

joeharb by Level 5
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This is the first time getting VG224 to work with CME.I read the doc on it and have created ephone-dn's for each of the ports. I have also configured ephone x, but for the MAC address do you do the same as it would be seen within CCM of 001A61CA5EC2...

Hi Guys,I am looking for a way to group a number of BRI lines for outgoing calls. Basically we have 5 BRI lines and I obviously need to be able to spread my outgoing calls accross these lines. The system is a CME 4.0 running on a 2851 ISR.I have do...

dcornwell by Level 1
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