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Hello everyne,   Recently, i have added additional license in CUCM but before doing this, i forgot to take snapshot of exist details of license, so i am not able to understand the weather it is installed or Not.    I uploaded this license to resolve ...

I configured the interface as follow interface FastEthernet0/3 switchport access vlan 201 switchport mode access switchport voice vlan 200 spanning-tree portfast!   The IP telephony take IP from VLAN 201 not from vlan 200.   I attached a wireshark lo...

I would like to set the caller ID sent to the PSTN based on a DN pattern.  For example, 6xx extensions would show caller ID of 555.6666 and 7xx extensions show caller ID of 555.7777.  I thought this would be done with calling party transformation but...

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I have a 4331 Version 15.5(3)S4b, router with a 4 port FXO card.The system is running MGCP.  CM 10.5 Having issues with caller ID.  Calls come in as unknown.If i do a shut/no shut on the voice port, the caller ID works, ONCE.Then all calls are back t...

Hello All,   Currently our CUCM backups are running with Freeftpd. I would like to check the credentials for SFTP. I couldn't find any good doc for SFTP  commands to check/change the credentials in SFTP , Earlier guy left the company and i need to pe...