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Resolved! Cisco Mibs

I have a script pulling different information from devices including device name/ serial number,IOS version via snmp. I want to add cisco mib files on my net-snmp. is thereany one know how to? or indicate me the place I can get the information. thank...

Resolved! LMS 4.0 Discovery

OK, I'll take the plunge and post an LMS 4.0 question.I built a new installation on my Windows 2008 x64 SP1 server (Xeon 5140 CPU, 12 GB RAM, 16 GB swap plenty of disk. Doesn't belong to a domain and AV not running) and chose to go the route of a com...

Can anyone tell me if I need a seed devices to add devices manually or can I just bypass this portion of the setup since I'm NOT going to be discovering anything with Ciscoworks.(My envoronment is to complex to perform and discovering)  Or do I need ...

I have a handful of 6500 that I cannot get inventoried successfully; however, some 6500s are inventoried successfully. I am running LMS 3.2. I have confirmed the SSH & SNMP credentials are correct. I did a device update in CS, but still no inventory....

I have syslog schedule job that runs every morning at 7am. every Mondayit runs empty until I restart the daemon, it's been doing it for several week. Today I have't restarted the daemon and started poking around, I went in and ran  log roation since ...

nawas by Enthusiast
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Hi Joseph, one of our client is using lms 3.2 and getting the following error in DFM -> device import -> Auto Allocation mode configuration.Error in getting instance of TreeGenerator class Root...

A client is requesting Real-time monitoring for wan traffic on NAM-2 Module installed on 6509 VSS (As a replacement for his PRTG on which he is implementing IP and Port based filtering). Is there a way I can create Real-time monitoring output based o...

jad.sadek by Beginner
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