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                  Hi there,I'm hoping someone can assist.  The setup i am trying to get working is the followingUser dials in over POTS to an ISDN30 Line.  The ISDN30 line (3rd Party Supplier) is connected to our 2911 via a HWIC-1CE1T1-PRI module.  W...

The Cisco Collaboration Community, including this Cisco Collaboration Virtual Experience, is focused on customers and prospective customers.  If you are a Cisco partner, you can get learn about the Oct 16 announcement through the eyes of a Cisco part...

                   Im working with a group of developers who are writing content for some 4400's. Every once in a while they make something that just doesnt play well or look right. Are there any guidelines available for creating content for these de...

mx by Beginner
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HiMy customer would like the ability to stream content to Apple devices.  They will have TCS, DMM, SnS and the MXE-3500.  1. Can they stream directly to Apple devices from the TCS using the embedded Windows Streaming Server?2. Or do they need an addi...

tunderhi by Beginner
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Hi,does anyone know if this feature is supported in CallManager? For example, B has an incoming call. If A wants to answer B's call, A dials a number followed by the directory number of B.Also does anyone know what call pickup group-universal is?Than...

yanna by Beginner
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I am looking for the pinout of the RS232 port on the 4400DMP. I am connecting this to the 232 port on a Samsung ME46B and the Samsung display comes with a dongle converting the DB9 to 3.5mm. I need to use a F-F DB9 cable to connect the DMP to the don...

bdavenpo by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! RSS tech info

Hi all,I need to know, in a Digital Signage deployment if I'm deploying also a RSS feed fetchig data from internet, will all the DMPs fetch that data directly from internet, or only the DMM server will fetch the data and send it to all the DMPs?.It w...