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hi,I wanted to view/monitor the jitter statistics by doing a snmpwalk. The problem is that snmpwalk returns back a zero for *all* the jitter related OIDs. I have been looking the SNMP object - (rttMonLatestJitterOperEntry...

Hello,I am relatively new to working with Cisco switches and would appreciate any pointers anyone can give me regarding an issue I am having.I have Seven 2960G 24-port switches and two 2960G 48-port switches that I am attempting to get Auto QOS set u...

roarkholz by Beginner
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hi ,ive read that vrrp used as redudancy protocol .and about config i know that we  can configure virtual ip so that clients should put it as thier default gateway .butive read a sentense about vrrp and need explanation for iti read that :""vrrp can ...

Dr.X by Explorer
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Hello,How do i go about setting up a TFTP server from laptop to Cisco ws-C3750 48P Switch, I need to pull the image off the switch and place it on an other switch that has a corrupt image, The switch which is corrupted is the same as above Cisco ws-C...

Hello,I had an old Cisco Catalyst 2948G switch that I have not used in about 7 years down in my basement.  I powered it on and went through the process of clearing out the configurations, and I got to a point where one of the commands to clear out th...

Dear Friends,I am facing an unrealistic  issue these day. I have mouted a cisco 2950G series switch in the network. we are working on Multicasting so I have LAN connectivity from one location ot other. please have look for scenario of network.My offi...

I am an issue with a LACP port Channel on 6509(Sup720) and a Nexus 5020.  This is a L2 Port Channel with multiple Vlans.  We have several VMs running on a UCS system with 65248s connected to the Nexus.  The 6509 is the L3 gateway for the VLANS which ...

I was hoping for some advice on a simple lan we have. We currently have an overcomplicated lan network. I am looking to simplify it.we have 2 core switches and 2 access switches. 1 router for internet and MPLS link to data center.On the access switch...

silex by Beginner
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Hi Guys,due to some reasons, the sup720 hanged and stopped responding and this problem did not trrigger the failover to the second chassis and I went into downtime. I would like to know why the failover did not trigger. I am using the following confi...

Elie Sbat by Beginner
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Hi allLast week we had some forwarding issues with our cat 6509e VSS pair, wherby clients could ping the gateway but couldnt route through it! we identified this as being core 2 in the vss pair, yesterday we rebooted the 2nd switch and now the issue ...

i have given a point to point public ip on my WAN interface of router,i have an public ip pool for LAN of /29.i want to do a dynamic natting on router(CISCO:2811)please any one provide me the configuration command for the same.IP EXAMPLEWAN IP:59.123...

Hi!   After a fresh install of windows8; installed Cisco Configuration Profesional 2.6 and its loads but the windows size its unusable. Anyone found this issue? Got the same problem with another W8 installation. Everything opens but the size of the w...

groupalia by Beginner
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