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"ip igmp filter" command on 2960G

I am unable to configure an interface using the "ip igmp filter <profile #>" command on a 2960G running 12.2(58)SE2. The switch allows me to create a profile using the "ip igmp profile <profile #>" global configuration command. It also lets me enable...

Losing Connection with Etherchannel

We have a new building where we added 3 network closets with 3750x stacks.We have 2 fiber gig ports connected to 2 microwave units and etherchanneled the to portsWe have the same setup at the corporate office except the connection is 2 fiber gig port...

question about IP

Hi there,I have CISCO ASA 5520 and I'm using ASDM 6.1so here's a problem, I have configured 2 interfaces (LAN, NET) with these IP (offcourse here they're not real, but last numbers and subnets are correct):LAN: 123.12...

Ulkiukas0 by Beginner
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Encryption module for cisco router 3845

Hi,Can the encryption module (DES/ 3DES/AES/SSL VPN Encrytion/compression) for Cisco Router 3845 able to support the external connection from other high end router, for example cisco 7200? What is the maximum bandwidth, load and concurrent connection...

Nexus High Availability

Hi;One of our project , we planning to use two N710K switches. As i know nexus series doesn't support VSS technology like on the 6500 series. It supports vpc, but vpc is only allowed us to create one etherchannel group on different chasis.So if we wa...

VLANs Translation

Can we do translate vlans like: (vlan 50, 60, 70) on switch A, to (vlans 5, 6, 7)  on switch B with trunk port connecting each other.Thanks,Ali               

%ADJ-SP-3-ILLEGALARGS on cisco 7204 router

  Hi,I have below mention log on my cisco router 7204.I check bug tool kit and even search this on google but didnt find any thing                 UAE: %ADJ-SP-3-ILLEGALARGS: Illegal arguments - cannot derive adjacency Below is the show version Cisco...

Resolved! Fast MAC-address switching

Hi all,I would like to know how fast a 6509 can accept mac address changes on different ports. Let me explain my situation:I've got a Motorola Mea network attached to different 6509 switches (on 100BaseFX) which are redundantly connected (with 10Gbps...

ddelange by Beginner
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Resolved! Firmware Upgrade C6504-E

Hi dear Community,i've a short question.I'll upgrade our C6504-E L3-Switches , I found few files but which are needed.c6ksup32-rm2.srec.122-18r.SX9.bin      is installed no issuesc6msfc2a-rm2.srec.122-17r.S6             is installed, no issuess3223-i...

ip address on BVI interface

Hello, on a cisco 1524 acting as mesh ap , we can see the ip address method under sh ip interface brief, even though the ip is statically set on the ap.Any inputs on why this should happen.Thanks in advance.

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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IPv6 in SVI

hello all,going on a ipv6 assessment of my company's network gear.have a small problem on understanding the feature navigator.Cat 3560 - ipbase 12.2(50)SE5.the above ios is ipv6 capable, but as i was doing a compare with ip services. the below pop up...

Crashinfo Outputs

                   Hi,Does Cisco have a webpage that can diagnose Crashinfo files? I have the following from a 3750 switch within a stack that crashed this morning...Cisco IOS Software, C3750 Software (C3750-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(53)SE, RELEA...