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setting up my ap 3700

 1) Can we configure AP AIR-CAP370I-E-K9 (atonomous)t o make the user from the organization to authrize automaticaly by MAC filtering without provide any credential.? how ?2) (atonomous) can we create guest access with limited time access.  how ?I do...

NAT problems

I'm looking at about 30 branch offices connecting to one HQ through VPN(using pat). The internet becomes very slow quickly and upon checking NAT the translations are getting to 131062 fast and capping there. What might be the problem?

DVRK by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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AP not joining vWLC

Hi community. I have installed an vWLC AIR-CTVM-K9, version - straight from the .ova with standard config. in my ESXI 6.7,  Meaning I haven't changed anything.I have a couple of AP's cisco AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9 - Cisco IOS Software, C2700 Softw...

CRITICAL - threshold-crossed

I have reviewed the Faults tab and I found some records like this:   Affected Object: comp/prov-VMware/ctrlr-[DVS_HX-VM-NETWORK]-VCMEGA/vm-vm-3589 Description: TCA: CPU usage average value(compHostStats15min:cpuUsageAvg) value 100% raised above thres...

iguazo by Beginner
  • 0 replies
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Resolved! Catalyst 9800-L Seems to Ignore ip tacacs source-interface command

I have a 9800-L-F currently running 17.3.5b (though this was happening on 17.3.x as well). With either ip tacacs source-interface GigabitEthernet0 or ip tacacs source-interface GigabitEthernet0 vrf Mgmt-intf commands configured, the WLC still uses vl...

Tony M by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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9800 Controller netflow exporter

Hi we have an 9800 Controller and we are using SDA Wireless, we have setup our DNA center server as our netflow exporter. I would like to know if we can export our flows to more than one flow export server in the same SSID. Example: SSID Corp - Expor...

Calisti Installation Error

Hello, I tried to follow the guide to install Calisti on my k8s cluster (1.22.12) with 2 nodes (1 master and 1 slave).  As you can see below, the installation stopped at the following point...(in verbose mode). Any guidance on how to resolve this is ...

philiwon by Cisco Employee
  • 5 replies
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Hi champs, i am trying the add the NIM-2MFT-T1/E1 card in the CUCM (12.5) and the CARD is installed in 4451X. I configured SIP Trunk between CUCM and VG4451. i can only add the FXO/FXS Card in the CUCM which is showing in the Module 0 is there any co...

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