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Hi all,  I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to sync the active directory attribute "homePhone" to the webex cloud attribute phoneNumbers;type-work_extension. I have currently made a sync with the above attributes but we only have 2 users ...

Hey everyone, do any of the organizations here use the receptionist client at all or a third party? We have a front desk receptionist and a team who covers the desk throughout the day or if she is on vacation. It's lacking a lot of visibility, functi...

calvink by Beginner
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Hi,We had Consolidated as our phone portal and today I had to take the update to webex.  I have our office employees listed in my top contacts.  We have tested phone calls coming in, dialing out and transferring calls.  This all works. On Consolidate...

Hey everyone, we changed over to Webex Calling this past month and lost a feature we use to have. We could create dates and times to play different auto attendant messages i.e. holidays, all employee company meetings, events we are hosting and we wer...

calvink by Beginner
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Resolved! ThinkTel in Canada

We are looking for a PSTN provider that integrates with Webex. Well specifically we would like to find a way to place an outbound call that would have a local area code phone number. People tend to not answer calls from outside the area code.  I was ...

Hello,   I use a Mac App called Muzzle. The purpose of the app is that when you are screen sharing, it blocks all notifications from popping up on your screen.   It worked in the past, but when using Webex recently, it has not been working. When I re...

rparedez by Community Manager
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Is there a way to have the Do Not Disturb or Out of Office statuses in the Webex app synchronize to a controlled (or registered) desk phone? For instance, I can set DND on the phone set and it will not alert to calls on the desk phone or soft phone. ...