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From Network Interface>Radio-802.11B>Settings, we see Receive Antenna and Transmit Antenna. The options are Diversity, Left and Right. Does that mean I can configure the AP to use left for receiving and right for transmitting and vice versa?And what ...

jhcc by Beginner
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2 Sites - 500 yards line of site apart. A Cisco 1700 series router at each site with T1 connection back to main office and one open WIC interface. Bought 2 1300 Aironet Devices to establish site-to-site connectivity between the 2 sites so if T1 line...

m-carey by Beginner
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I have a wireless solution on campus that uses a gateway for authentication purposes. I do not know if any one is familiar Vernier networks but thats who we are using. VLANS are extended to the access point in order to contain all the wireless traffi...

arif_huq by Beginner
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Hi all.. Running WLSE 2.7.1 and have repeatedly uninstall / reinstall the java client, to no avail. The Location Manager is able to detect that I am runing java but can not detect the version. Thanks John

I am trying to set up different dhcp options just for the aironet 350's. I would like to set up a class for these but I can't seem to find the default class or a setting on the AP's to allow this. I was able to find it on the VxWorks but not the IO...

jpkuehner by Beginner
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My Toshiba M200 has Centrino chips,runs XP tablet SP2 and is CCX compatible, but our local networkers and I cannot figure out a client for the machine to allow recognition by the RADIUS server, which is set up to use LEAP with MAC authentication. I d...

I'm attempting to put together a solution to wireless security which does NOT include any kind of client configuration or installed supplicant. I want the wifi network to be wide open, no wep. When users attempt to get on the network they are directe...

Hello. I have a 340 BR500E running version 8.55. I cannot telnet or HTTP to the device but I have console access. Telnet and HTTP are enable in the config. Thanks in advance for your help.shawn

shawn by Beginner
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I have WDS working with 41 AP1200's that register with the WDS and I can see the mobile units registered. One SSID uses EAP/TLS and works great. I have a SSID that requires MAC validation with encryption. I have found various articles on using MAC au...

gwcrook by Beginner
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