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Hi All,I am using the WLC with FlexConnect mode , I have the external DHCP server for assign the IP address to clients (by using  IP helper from SVI interface of Layer3 switch).I'm trying to capture the DHCP message between client and DHCP server and...

2021-03-31 16_40_02-_Wi-Fi.png 2021-03-31 16_41_47-Window.png
msompong1 by Beginner
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Hello I am present some issues with my clients, laptops connect and disconnect from the wireless network sometime i have to disable and enable the wirelless card to conected again, i checked the laptop and enable that the wireless network card is alw...

Hello,We have 2 WLCs 5520 in HA SSO mode.We need to have the CIMC ports configured to be able to sometimes power on/off, reset and so on the devices, via the CIMC https web interface. I have searched but I was not able to find a precise procedure to ...

Clem58 by Participant
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Hello,I am having a problem with cisco smart software manager. Every day I receive an email : Insufficient Licenses - The Virtual Account "DEFAULT" has a shortage of "Aironet DNA Advantage Term Licenses" licenses. 6 licenses are required to return to...

Torken by Beginner
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Hi all, I'm struggeling on a very strange phenomen. One customer of mine is using a Cisco WLC 2504 controller (AirOS Version connected to a HP switch (I don't know the type of model). LAG is configured correctly as per configuration guide...

I have note been able to find anyone mentioning this as an issue so I'm not sure if this is an issue with just me or something with Zoom. Why does Zoom kick clients out of meetings or give constant connection is unstable messages when a laptop roams ...

Ryan S by Beginner
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I am newbie too Cisco deviceI want clients roaming to new AP when  RSSI   lower than -70dbi Can I do it on this menuWireless > 802.11b > Client Roamingand Minimum RSSI value is when clients get lower RSSI will roaming to others AP right ? Thanks for ...

Hi,greetings, We are planning to upgrade our AP into 2800 series ( currently running 1140 series), as per i read on compatibility matrix cisco for 2800 are supported on 8.2.x OS and currently our wlc running an Old OS 7.2.103...should it be upgraded ...

I would like to understand regarding Cisco AP channel allocation.In a floor say I have nearly 10 Cisco Access Points controller by WLC. Would like to understand how the channel should be allocated to each access points.Are the channels allocated auto...

RS19 by Enthusiast
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 I have Cisco WLC 5520 running version access point used is AIR-AP1852I-Q-K9The clients frequently gets disconnected from Wi-Fi access.in the WLC , I can see the below logs. What does these logs means ?3: Mar 29 12:20:45.809: %DOT1X-3-AB...

RS19 by Enthusiast
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Hello, I would like to configure our 8821 phones with EAP-TLS authentication, no problems so far, that works fine with the Manufactured installed certificate... But I don't want to use the MIC for authentication, i wan't to do it with the LSC (who is...

Philippe M by Beginner
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Hi Team,We are wokring to deploy QoS with flexconnect mode AP. Do we need to define QoS profile in WLC or it will be handled through QoS defined locally at L3 devices.  What i understand, if we have local switching , then traffic movement happening l...

ahmad.syed by Beginner
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