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Hello,I want to know if it is possible to provide power to a Mesh AP with a power injector like AIR-PWRINJ6, without connecting this to a switch port !Because it is easier to use a Power injector than a Power adaptator is case there is no power outle...

mmisonne by Level 2
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Hi I would like to ask a question regarding command "capwap ap ip address". what is difference between the command above and command ip address under interface G? Thanks 

wfqk by Level 5
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Hello!we have two 3355 7.4 MSE appliance in different locations.They are in the same VLAN (L2 domain).MSE1 is primary, MSE2 secondary.MSE1 and MSE2 can ping each other, but can't join in HA pair. MSE can ...

Hi,We have 5520 wlc and we are using RTU license.Currently we are using 100 license  and trying to add some more licenses , while trying add more license getting an error like "licenses  cannot added/removed  on secondary HA /SKU  controller.Please l...

Anjana A by Level 1
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Hi all, I have read the documentation but still a little bit confused between this feature and SSID load balancing. 1.-Let's say that I checked the box (meaning enabled), the AP radios are already assigned to an specific channel on 2.4 and 5 GHZ resp...

ajc by Level 7
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Hello, New ap 3802e cannot join to wlc 3504. and I got the below error message, also by command "show capwap ip config" I can see the controller ip address is NOT there though I can type the command " capwap ap primary-base WLC3"Also I kn...

eigrpy by Level 4
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Hello i have acces point 1130AG and i want to configure "  Security: Global SSID Manager"   but i can't save cpnfigure from interface web ap .. so i can allow AP accept paramter " Security: Global SSID Manager"  that i can see SSID !! i want ssid: te...

Hello,I have 3 WLAN with QoS configured by metal policy : - Main network : Gold - SoftPhone network : Silver - Guest network : BronzeI want to configure QoS on VoIP traffic with platinum policy (SoftPhone network), but the rest of the traffic must st...

Torken by Level 1
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