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Hi,8.10.181 has some bugs like CSCwd37092 and CSCwc78435.What is best, upgrading to or do the workrounds whitch are not enough!Is there anyone who upgraded 5520 to to solve the problem with APs like 2800 series?Did it went well?...

moudar123 by Participant
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Hi, Could you please advise us which design best for routing, security and best practice ? DHCP server and ISE server location ?Noted : Switch L3 is not our scope ( manage by other party ). VRF is configured by other party.Option 1 Option 2    

dyunanda_0-1670220155039.png dyunanda_1-1670220180078.png
dyunanda by Beginner
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Hello!Yesterday we updated our Cisco 8540 WLC to,Now we are experiencing trouble with all our Cisco 2802 AP's. The problem we are seeing is very slow down speeds on personal devices connected to the accesspoints while the up speed seems fi...

f0rslund by Beginner
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HiWhat is Ipad best practices, i know about this:https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/wireless/access-points/enterprise-best-practices-ios-ipados-wp.htmlBut what about creating a special SSID for Ipads? is this a good practice? someone d...

moudar123 by Participant
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We have the following problem in connection with iPAD/iPhone or MacBook with Cisco WLC: On the LAN connection IEEE 802.3, which is currently in the same VLAN as the IEEE 802.11ac WLAN SSID, the search domain is evaluated by the DHCP server as option ...

renekuhn by Beginner
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Hi all, The current wireless network in my environment is supported with WLCs (3504) and APs (2802).A number of users are not getting the full signal strength even though the AP may be mounted directly above their desk on the ceiling (less than 4m he...

donnie by Beginner
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Hello, Perhaps this is a really stupid question I have tried to understand the information out there but no ( new to the EWC ) When you enable AX high throughput on these APs will that automatically force the channel width to 80 MHz?    Cheers   Mar...

Hello, Is there a Cisco solution for WL available for the places like historical buildings where installing APs on the wall or ceiling is just impossible!!! Building has lot of concrete, marble, solid walls structures and it is old. Thanks

garyD by Beginner
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Hi, I have problem with C9115AXE Deployment. Symptoms : Wireless client has good signal with C9115AXE with AIR-ANT2524DW-R, but cannot communicate to network.  AP placed over the roof and the room is an explosion-proof area. I can't placed AP in a ro...

SeokGeunChoi73564_0-1669777131404.png SeokGeunChoi73564_1-1669777211720.png

Hello. I need some advice, please.We need to connect to the network of an organization. I've been told that they are using a Cisco Controller Kit (quite old - installed in 2014).They can provide us with a username and password, but we might need a ke...

I got an AP 2800 which is getting 26. watts, but when i check the power on WLC it is like that:(Cisco Controller) >grep include "AP1" "show advanced 802.11a txpower" Press any key to continue.. AP1 *56 *5/6 ( 5 dBm) [17/14/11/8/5/2/5/2] ...

moudar123 by Participant
  • 12 replies
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Hello Cisco community!We currently have a WLC 2504 that uses 1 of the 4 physical ports for both "device management" and "AP management" on the same subnet.  There is no VLAN configured on the WLC nor the switch.  In fact, we have a completely flat ne...

jtrombley by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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