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SocialMiner Chat Issues

We are attempting to get SocialMiner Web bubble chat to work on https: We use the code provided from Web Chat widget in UCCX.  I took a snip if of the code to show the https. The problem is when I view the error in Google Chrome (see httperror.jpg sc...

CVP element setting differant menu option and sub dialog how java used in CVP can inform about function & methods describle

CVP element setting different menu option and sub dialog how java used in CVP can inform about function & methods describeSome CVP element Setting are SettingsElement DataExit StatesFolder and Class InformationEventsCustom VXML Scriptdescribe java us...

Rebuilding a UCCX Sub

Hi Everyone,I am trying to rebuild a UCCX Sub server with HA enabled.  Could someone please let me know if I am mistaken following the blow steps:1) Upload the bootable ISO file into the datastore (VM)2) Connect the CD/DVD Drive3) Map the bootable IS...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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Purge only some contacts in dialler table

I need to be able to purge say only contacts with a call status of A or P as example - does anyone does this and how, would I need to copy all existing contacts and reinsert them minus the thr ones I don't want or is there a sql query people have use...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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[UCCX] Cannot enable SSO after ran Test SSO with pop up said "SSO test is taking too long"

Hi! I am running UCCX SSO test in my lab. I have got to the point where I need to click Test SSO and if everything looks good then I should be able to enable SSO after the Test. However, after I ran the SSO Test [accepted certificates, logged in with...

ICM Script Editor UTC Timestamp

Hi all, What is the best way to populate a peripheral variable with the current timestamp in UTC?I've tried using now(), however I am not able to reconcile the fraction portion of the output (it seems to be 30 minutes off local time?). Any ideas? Thi...