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AMA Forum- Design, Deployment & Troubleshooting on CCE CUIC & LiveData

Ask Me Anything Event From Wednesday, 16th November, 2022 until Tuesday, 29th November, 2022 Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) is a reporting platform for users of Cisco Contact Center products. It is a web-based application that provides Hist...

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11.6 to 12.5 upgrade

I have been given two different upgrade paths and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.  First path was change the vCPU and HDD space as appropriate then perform the version upgrade.  The second was to start with a fresh OVA templ...

TomMar1 by Participant
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Resolved! UCCX Call Drop

Hi,We want to move our main number (12345XXX) to the new Gateway2. Old Gateway1 is connected to PSTN via a PRI link and Gateway2 uses SIP. Both gateways are talking H.323 to CUCM. Recently, I have carried out some tests on second gateway in order to ...

m.isargar by Beginner
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Resolved! UCCX Sync after switch version failed

Hello Everyone,Upgrading UCCX 10.6 to 11.6. The switch version fails with the following error message.ERROR: Sync after switch version failed: Intelligence Center Switch Action Switch version has failed due to: Intelligence Center Switch Action faile...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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UCCX current wait duration not working

I'm trying to use the "Current Wait Duration" field within the "CSQ IPCC Express" report object for the Get Reporting Statistic step and can't get it workingwe would like to play a message every 2 mins , give the caller an option to press 1 to leave ...

ICM router Requery

Background: ( NB Router time is 2hrs ahead of CUSP Time, so router logs is always +2) Call comes in to PQ, answered by an agent and was transferred to another queue..   ++ ICM selects an agent in new PQ and returns the label for the agent ++ 14:36:44...

FIPPA Language

Hello Everyone,Upgaded the UCCX 10.6 to 11.6. Seems like the only available language for FIPPA is english. In 10.6 our agents had the buttons (Ready, Not Ready) in French but after upgrading to 11.6, the langauge turned to english. Is there any way t...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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UCCX handling Arrays

Hello,Newbie here. Can someone provide me an example on how to assign a value to an array? What step should i be using? I have tried Set method but there is no way to give the position of the array.Thanks in advance.Contact Center, UCCX, Other Contac...

Nliya53887 by Beginner
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