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hi to allI need to login to agent desktop ECE 12 , but i'd like to do this :1 - login using API system/ws/v12/authentication/user/login2 - get X-egain-session value3 - launch url Desktop with session parameter obteined previously.,It's possibile to d...

I am trying to create a bulk request but not sure on the payload for sso migration. When I make a get request I get the following output userName,firstName,lastName,newUserNamedgoyette,David2,Goyette,MrEdmonton1,Mr,Edmonton1, I wanted to update the n...

Hi All, I need one help on monitoring Cisco CVP license live usage.We have 15 CVP servers and customer wants to view the live license (Call & VXML server) usage for all the 15 servers from his local desktop/ remotely.  Of course the usage can be view...

A skill grp has a cache figure where the max calls are held as with outbound dialler. Is there a table holding the cache calls so I can how many are cache to be dialled. I can see calls in the dialer detail table but that can be many 10's/ 100' s as ...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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I have a situation where at the end of the day, the agents log off, campaign closes down for the day to be reopened tomorrow. In the detailed dialler table there may be say 10 calls with a call status zone of p which is pending not called. The day th...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi thereI confused with conectivity between devices in the UCCE solution, for example CUCM needs to have a CTI conectiviy with ICM, but why would the CUCM still the JTAPI?or in UCCE you would need PG´s to connect with all the peripherals in your solu...