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Hello,         Is there a Java Libraries that supports GED-188 Protocol to integrate with CTIServer to get events for all agent activities?.  If so, can you please let us know what is the process to procure it?.Regards,Ram.

Hello ,I have tried to call the external public API for testing from the gadget which runs within Finesse Server.But it is not working due to cross domain policy .Is Finesse allows to call external API hosted in different servers ?Below is the code i...

dhinesh.r by Level 1
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I have created a new test app ‘FaisalTest’. In it the caller enters a dnis and the DB dip is made using the entered digits.. if a 6 digit number like 444444 is entered everything succeeds.   But if I enter a longer number string >=8 digits, the app b...

Hello:I'm looking information to configure a gadget, anyone know where I can find all the options that can be configured in ModulePrefs section.Regards,Carlos Sanz

Hi ,I have a customer upgrading from CAD to Finesse and they are using Agent Emails in CAD and they want to use the same functionality  in Finesse however in the Social Miner gadget I don't have an option to forward the email as I cannot edit the To ...

We are writing an application against the finesse API and would like to test it against a UCCE environment.  We were hoping to utilize the sandbox system that Cisco has in place, but the UCCE environment is unavailable.  Does anyone know of a cloud U...

Dears,We are facing a lot of the below session timeout errors.element,warning,A session has timed out after 3 minutes. This is most likely caused by a start of call class or action element at the top of the callflow not completing before the voice br...

ln33147 by Level 4
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Hello,This is pictured in the Social Miner documentation as the CCE script you need to make the Callback functionality work. We can't find anything that explains what the "VoiceCallback" Script node is or how to configure it.Has anybody configured th...

snewmanNX by Level 1
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hi,since ucce 10.5 Cisco recommend CCEAdmin for reskilling instead of ISE.I look for a gadget to add this access directly from Finesse Supervisor including SSO as the login is the same.Is a gadget currently available to do this ?regards

HelloIn UCCX 10.5, i'm asking about the way to develop a gadget for finesse that could interact with an external Database, to retrieve data, such client name and client call back number. These informations should appear in agent desktop at the login,...

I've reviewed earlier posts about completetimeout  not being supported.  Can someone provide the latest status of this property relating to CVP v11?1) Is completetimeout supported in later versions of CVP like v11?2) If not supported what options are...

MikeHMirt by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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